Work It - Trends in Today's Business Style

Work It - Trends in Today's Business Style

Professional dress has evolved over the years, and it’s certainly become a lot more relaxed in certain office environments. In a traditional corporate scenario, it’s ideal to follow the guidelines of their dress code while still being stylish and comfortable. In a more relaxed “business casual” setting, it’s still important to stay professional while displaying a little fashion flair. Christopher J. Apparel offers the following tips for “working” that business style in the office.

Keep it Classy

Professionalism trumps all else in a conservative corporate environment. While “dressing for success,” it’s better to be overdressed or more formally dressed than underdressed, particularly when interviewing, meeting with the boss or wining and dining clients. First impressions often start with a great suit or dress that showcases sophistication, style and professionalism. Save flashier items or oversized accessories for happy hour with co-workers after casual Friday.

Casual Friday

Speaking of which… Casual Friday is a perfect time to let a little personality show through one’s style. While still erring on the side of modesty, depending on the office environment, employees can have a little fun with their style on this day. A great pair of jeans and a high-quality t-shirt can be topped with a blazer for a professional-meets casual look that never goes out of style. Or pair a solid top with a patterned A-line skirt, for example. Throw on a pair of bold red heels or fun sandals to ramp up the creativity of this casual Friday “uniform.”

“Zoom Life”

Oh, Zoom! How it has changed so many things for today’s office culture, including how many people dress. While many office environments have made Zoom calls a more permanent part of their “nine to five,” employees should still dress appropriately for the occasion. When it comes to a Zoom meeting most offices may agree that this is a perfectly acceptable time to rock those casual clothes (or turn that camera off!).

Elegance, class and professionalism never go out of style, and these characteristics are easy to portray, even with a simple outfit put together with “basic” staples. Remember when “dressing for the occasion,” to be comfortable so that project with an upcoming deadline is the focus of the day, not an itchy tag or shirt that keeps coming untucked. An unkept look is never on-trend — in or out of the office.

Christopher J. Apparel clothing lines are designed with understated style and comfort that goes from day to night. Whether worn under a traditional three-piece business suit or paired with casual slacks or a pencil skirt for a more a laid-back office environment, a CJA top is a trend worth investing in.

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