What is eco-friendly clothing?

What is eco-friendly clothing?

Eco-friendly clothing is generally made of fabrics derived from sustainable resources. They can be sourced from organically grown fiber crops or recycled materials. The term also refers to how the fabrics are processed and how long they last. This type of clothing significantly decreases pollution impact on the environment in its creation, processing, and distribution when compared to traditional clothing options. It also means supporting fair and human working conditions for the people who make the clothing.

If you’re looking to make a positive impact with your consumer purchases choosing eco-friendly clothing is a great way to do it. A lot of pollution comes from the textile industry. One-fifth of the world’s industrial water pollution comes from textile mills. Chinese textile factories alone emit nearly three-billion tons of air pollution every year. You can’t stop it yourself, but you can set an example and do your part to help change the way culture values clothing purchase decisions by choosing plant-based fabrics.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Clothing?

Reduce Environmental Pesticides

The majority of clothes on the market are made from non-organic cotton. Cotton farming requires heavy pesticide use to ensure a harvestable cotton crop. When you choose cotton-based clothing, you’re indirectly supporting pesticide use. When you choose eco-friendly clothing made with materials like Tencel, you help lower demand for clothing produced with pesticides.

Support Human Rights

Buying eco-friendly clothing not only helps the environment, but it can ensure you’re supporting companies that treat their employees well. Unfortunately, the majority of big-name clothing production takes place in overseas sweatshops where working conditions are not safe or healthy for employees.

Reduce Waste

With the recommended care, eco-friendly clothing can last just as long as most other materials. Most eco-friendly clothing (like ours) is biodegradable. Because of the production process and quality components, the clothing can be recycled easily or breakdown and return to the earth. That means less waste sitting in a landfill and taking up space.

Ready to Try Some Stylish Eco-Friendly Clothing?

Give any of the clothing from Christopher J. Apparel a try. All products are made from eco-friendly material and sewn in the USA.

The Manhattan, for instance, is a one-of-a kind men’s undershirt and is made from a Tencel and Organic Cotton blend. When you are done with your Manhattan undershirt, you can send it back to us and we will repurpose the material for other new products or donate it to a good cause.

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