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The Three Fs: Fabric, Feel and Fit

Fashion is all about making a statement and standing out from the crowd. But for everyday wear, clothing should be focused on three important “F factors” too — fabric, feel and fit. It’s one thing to wear a somewhat uncomfortable gown or a not-quite-perfect fitting suit to a special occasion for a few hours. But when working long days that head into after-office happy hour, client dinners or straight to kids’ extracurricular activities, fashion also needs to be functional for the long haul.

Christopher J. Apparel, which is founded on the very premise of making all-day wear comfortable and stylish, delves into the three Fs of functional fashion.


When shopping for reliable all-day wear, fabric is a great place to start. Naturally, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to fabric, and even similar fabrics are not all made the same. Just think of the difference between 100 percent cotton sheets and a 100 percent cotton t-shirt. Functional fashion should begin with high-quality material that is good for the environment.

Christopher J. Apparel uses Tencel to produce its ultra-luxe everyday wear, which is not only a super-soft material, but is so sustainable it can actually be composted at end of life. Fabric matters, enough said.


The feel of a fabric to the wearer is another important aspect of functional fashion. After all, just like no two people have the exact same style, no two people have the exact same perspective on what feels right. All-day wear should almost feel as if the wearer is wearing nothing at all! It should be a non-issue. It shouldn’t be “this tag is driving me crazy” or “this fabric is so itchy!” With functional clothing that goes from the gym to the office to dinner to kids’ functions or other social events, it’s important to feel comfortable all day (and night!) long.


Finally, fit is another crucial aspect of functional fashion. There is often a big difference in fit when one tries something on in the dressing room versus when they’ve “broken it in” after a few hours of wear or a few washes. Fit is so vital to comfort — no one wants to be re-tucking a shirt, fidgeting with a belt, readjusting a strap and so on. That takes away from the presentation of seamless fashion. When selecting all-day wear, shoppers should take the time to ensure the fit is true to their physique — and that it will stay that way for the duration of the wear (and for the piece’s life).

The great part about functional fashion is that it can incorporate all these important “fs” and still turn heads! It just takes the right brand. Looking for some pieces to get started on a functional yet fashionable wardrobe?

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