How to Make Your Undershirt Last Longer

How to Make Your Undershirt Last Longer

The concept for The Manhattan undershirt was to be comfortable and stay tucked in. After a series of prototypes, the final result ended up being an amazingly comfortable undershirt. Because of this fact, we have found that our customers often lose theirs because of it being "borrowed" by their partner and sadly, never returned. We have listed 5 best practices to keep The Manhattan all to yourself so that you can experience the comfort.

5 Steps to Hiding the Shirt from Your S.O. and Increasing the Longevity of Your Wardrobe

1. Mail Interception

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Look for our package in the mail and intercept it before your Significant Other (S.O) finds it. If they discover The Manhattan, it is highly likely you will not see it again. (Please note we do not offer refunds if your S.O. steals your shirt.)

2. Laundry Instructions

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Because The Manhattan undershirt material has anti-microbial properties–it's not a friendly place for bacteria to hang out, you won’t have to wash it too often. But when you do, insist on doing your own laundry (if you don’t already). This will avoid unwanted interception of the item. Bonus: S.O. will appreciate you taking on more chores.

3. Discreet Admiration

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Don’t give your S.O. the chance to see you feeling or admiring the shirt. It's been known to happen when a customer takes it off (before a shower for example) that they will pause and feel the fabric in their hands. If your S.O. notices, they will get curious and want to experience this unique sensation for themselves.

4. Facial Expressions

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In your new state of comfort, you might find yourself pausing to appreciate the feel of actually wearing the shirt. This often leads to a change in facial expression such as a small comfortable grin. You might need to remind yourself to fix your face. Try not to look too comfortable or content or they will think you’re up to something and begin asking questions such as, "What are you thinking about."

5. Break Routine

The Manhattan t-shirt in black, gray, and classic white

When you first get The Manhattan you will more than likely want to wear it every day. From under your work shirt to your workout shirt. If S.O. notices you are wearing the same shirt every day, they may comment or start making inquiries. Because of this, we now also offer The Manhattan in black and gray in addition to the classic white to change up your day-to-day look.

If you can follow these 5 suggestions this will increase the life of your shirt actually being your shirt. If you feel you cannot keep up with all 5 steps, we recommend acquiring one for yourself and one for your S.O. Many have found this to be a simpler solution and leads to less disruption of the household.

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