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Layering — How to Change up a Look with Simple Additions

Fashion is all about having fun and making a statement. But even those that prefer basic staples in their closer can change up their look and take a little fashion-forward risk by layering. Christopher J. Apparel’s fashion experts offer the following ways to layer fashions to create a whole new look.


So much more than a simply accessory, a statement scarf can bring a tie a look together (no pun intended) and can elevate a simple look to give it some flair. Scarves can be worn a dozen different ways — a small scarf around the neck is a classic look, while a larger scarf can be worn over the shoulders, as a belt or even as a wrap skirt. A double-sided scarf can provide an additional layer of colors and patterns to liven up an understated look.


A statement jacket should never be underestimated. Much less about shielding the wearer from the elements, a statement jacket should turn heads. Think of color, cut and material when selecting a statement jacket. Jackets can dress up or dress down an outfit (consider a casual jean jacket with a floral maxi dress for example) or a fitted blazer style jacket paired with a tank and shorts.

Top it Off

When the weather begins to transition to colder seasons, layering tops is a fun way to express some fashion flair while keeping warm! Consider layering a light denim or crisp white blouse (left mostly unbuttoned) over a fitted t-shirt or tank top, and then add an open cardigan over top. This is a great look paired with black pants or dark jeans. It can also be a great way to make a statement with monochromatic tones such as whites, creams and beige.

For example, a white button down worn over a nude camisole topped with a cream-colored plaid cardigan or shacket (sweater jacket). Or size up on a classic button-down shirt, throw on a wide belt and wear it as a dress or over top a tank top and bike shorts combo that can play peek a boo with movement. Sweater vests and ponchos are also making a comeback and can easily be worn over an outfit to give it an entirely new look and purpose.

Down Under

A strapless or spaghetti-strap dress can receive a seasonal overhaul by wearing a thin turtleneck or fitted t-shirt underneath to take a summer look straight into fall. Accessorize with combat-style boots and a chunky pearl necklace for a rough around the edges romantic look.

Layering is a great technique for making the most of a simple wardrobe and for fashionistas to take their creativity to the next level. In today’s fashion, so many of the traditional “rules” of fashion have been tossed out so feel free to get adventurous and create an all-new fashion trend with layers!

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