All-Day Style: How to Take Clothing from Day to Night

All-Day Style: How to Take Clothing from Day to Night

Today’s fashion is all about functional, comfort and convenience — all while looking stylish from morning ‘til night of course! While this seems like a tall order, it’s actually easy to accomplish this feat with some great staples — with some fun accessories and techniques to dress up or dress down any outfit. Christopher J. Apparel offers the following tips for taking clothing from day to night.

Keep it Simple

First and foremost, fashion should be fun! So don’t overthink or overcomplicate it. A simple “base” of black slacks or skirt and a simple white or gray top, for example, can be the perfect starter for an understated yet classy look that can work for the office and then to happy hour. Throw a blazer on overtop for the boardroom, then when it’s time to “clock out,” ditch the blazer, add an oversized belt, a colorful statement necklace or swap out those “sensible shoes” for a killer pair of stilettos, wedges or booties to completely transform the look.

Layer and Style

Accessorizing is a great way to transform an outfit from day to night. Consider a sequined or denim jacket to layer over a loose-fitting tank top or a bold-patterned scarf that can be worn around the neck or around the waist or even tied around a handbag to jazz up the day-to-night look. Big earrings and stacked bead bracelets are also easy to add to any outfit to give it a dressier “going out tonight” vibe.

Think Big

An oversized t-shirt or long-sleeve button down shirt can even be transformed into a dress with an easy rope-style belt for a great casual look that works for a trip to the farmers market in the morning as well as out to dinner. This look can be paired with casual sneakers or sandals for daytime and some great wedges for the night.

Consider Comfort

While looking effortlessly fashionable all day long, it’s important to be comfortable! No one wants to be tugging at their ensemble or itching an area where a scratchy tag has worn its welcome thin. When shopping for basics that will be worn from day to night, consider the quality, fabric, material, feel and stretch of the item.

It’s also one thing to be sitting behind a desk all day in four-inch heels, but quite another to be trekking all over town in those babies. When dressing for the whole day, comfort really should be taken into consideration. And remember, those accessories and shoes can be added or swapped in as needed for the situation.

Christopher J. Apparel prides itself on providing comfortable, fashionable and sustainable pieces to complete any all-day style. Check out the complete line of offerings that are combine fashion and functionality that can be worn from day to night.

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