3 Easy Ways to Make Fashion More Sustainable

3 Easy Ways to Make Fashion More Sustainable

When it comes to fashion industry, sustainability is starting to become a more important aspect. But while the industry catches up, fashion lovers can take an eco-friendly approach to style on their own. Christopher J. Apparel offers the following tips to help make fashion more sustainable. 

1. Quality Matters

One of the best ways to start creating a more sustainable wardrobe is to only purchase items made with high-quality sustainable materials. The better the quality, the longer the clothing will last. Purchasing basic everyday staples from a sustainably focused clothing company and then dressing them up or down for any occasion with accessories can prevent a wardrobe from becoming stale. 

It’s also a good idea to really think about how a clothing item will be used before making a purchase. For example, a trendy outfit might be great for a season, but after it goes out of style, will it go to waste? Considering clothing that can be worn through all the seasons is another good tip when making a smart and sustainable purchase.

2. Proper Care

Before tossing clothing together in the wash, check the label and be sure to follow the instructions for care. This simple step can preserve the length of the item’s life so it can be worn again and again for years! Discovering some great stain removers, finding a great seamstress, and learning the basics of clothing repair can also help prolong the life of clothing so an item doesn’t have to go into the garbage due to a spill or a tear.

3. Give Clothes a Second Life

Get creative with upcycling! Shop vintage stores for one-of-a-kind or truly unique statement pieces for a special event instead of buying something off the rack, and check out resale stores for high-quality, barely used items that still have plenty of wear in them! Another way to give clothing a longer lifespan is to host a clothes swap with friends. The concept is simple — each guest at the party brings three to four pieces from their own closet they can trade for pieces other guests’ bring. This “new to you” approach is fun and sustainable! 

Or consider donating old clothes to a local non-profit organization that helps those experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. There are plenty of ways to keep high-quality clothing in circulation so it doesn’t contribute to fast fashion.

Christopher J. Apparel, which manufactures high-quality clothing so sustainable that items can be composted at the end of their life, supports eco-friendly fashion in every way. Consider these easy ways to make everyday fashion more sustainable and become part of the solution to stop fast fashion!

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