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“Q&A with Christopher J”— Why Creating a Sustainable Product is so Important to Today’s Fashion Industry

Fast fashion is a serious problem in the fashion industry and it’s growing at an alarming rate. Fast fashion is generally considered to be lower quality, inexpensive clothing that is quickly manufactured and meant to be worn for just a season and then tossed out in favor of next season’s fashion trends.

Worse yet, about 20 percent of the clothes produces are never even purchased — and they simply become waste, since most fast fashion is made with synthetic fabrics that don’t naturally decompose (according to an article on https://www.townandcountrymag.com/style/fashion-trends/a30361609/what-is-fast-fashion/.

In fact, according to an article on www.cnn.com, “80 percent of all clothing is landfilled or incinerated,” and just one “white cotton shirt purchase results in the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as driving your car for 35 miles.” All the more reason to purchase a high-quality, more environmentally friendly undershirt that is made to stand the test of time — like the entire line of Christopher J. Apparel clothing.

When he decided to manufacture his first item of clothing, Christopher Coriale, founder of Christopher J. Apparel, wanted many things in his finished product. Besides providing wearers with a comfortable undershirt that could be worn all day (and time and time again) without itching, adjusting or re-tucking, he also wanted to create a product that was as environmentally responsible as possible.

Having seen the waste that the fashion industry creates, and being a very waste-conscious person overall, he knew he didn’t want to contribute to the growing problem of fast fashion. “Being an engineer, I try to find a need and fill it with a solution generally,” he says.

For his clothing line, Coriale decided to use Tencel, a material that requires less water and is so sustainable, Christopher J. Apparel can actually be composted. “We try to make our clothing fashionable, but also functional,” he adds. While fast fashion numbers are extreme, Coriale believes that ethically responsible brands are traying to make a difference.

“I’m starting to see more and more brands using Tencel, so it seems that is the direction it is going. I suspect that the younger generations of buyers will demand better apparel that is more sustainable, and not just because the business says so,” he says, adding, “It seems people do more research and are more aware of the brands that they use, and if brands say they are eco-friendly, consumers want to only engage in those brands that are really eco-friendly. Global warming, pollution and single-use products are hopefully going to be a thing of the past.”

Before making an impulse purchase, do some research about the brand, the material the item is made from and how sustainable it really is. Another key is to ensure the item purchased can be worn again and again. Classic staples that can be dressed up or down for multiple occasions with accessories and layers tend to get more use than an impulse purchase or a trendy piece that will be “out” next season.

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