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Intrinsic Value – From Air Pods to Undershirts

There is the old adage, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, which means that everyone sees things differently. This also applies to value in the products we buy every day.  Everyone is different in how they perceive value. Value could mean getting a discounted item, or on the flip side, the value could

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The Manhattan is soft to touch

How to Make Your Undershirt Last Longer

The concept for The Manhattan undershirt was to be comfortable and stay tucked in. After a series of prototypes, the final result ended up being an amazingly comfortable undershirt. Because of this fact, we have found that our customers often lose theirs because of it being “borrowed” by their partner and sadly, never returned. We

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comfort at home

5 Things Guys Can Do to Clean Up Their Look

Whether it’s looking good for that special someone or doing some personal grooming for a job interview, you want to put your best foot forward. Even though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover we definitely do with other humans. Do these 5 things to clean up your look and make a good first

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Christopher J. Executive Affiliate Program

Announcing our Executive Affiliate Program Christopher J. Apparel is full of surprises this month! We are excited to announce the launch of our Executive Affiliate Program. If you have been wanting to try our signature undershirt, The Manhattan, now is the time. Affiliates that apply to the program and are accepted will receive 25% off

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Fashion pollution

Fashion and Pollution at the 2019 G7 Summit

As the leaders of the free world met at the 2019 G7 Summit to discuss many of our world’s problems, something near & dear to our hearts was happening. Big names in the fashion world came together to help make a more sustainable fashion industry, knowing that it’s one of the largest polluting communities in

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eco friendly city and products

Top 3 Earth-Saving Products That Could Have an IMMEDIATE Impact

There are hundreds of amazing products coming on the market that each do their part to allow the earth–and us–to breathe a little easier. Turns out, there are a LOT of creative people out there. But some of these products stretch the imagination when you apply basic economics or even thinking about implementing them on

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