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CJA How It All Began

“Q&A with Christopher J.”  How it All Begin: The Story Behind CJA Apparel  Can a T-shirt really change the world? The jury may still be out on the answer to that question, but it’s one that is at the core of Christopher J. Apparel (CJA) and its mission.  Chris Coriale, the company’s founder and owner,

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3 Easy Ways to Make Fashion More Sustainable

When it comes to fashion industry, sustainability is starting to become a more important aspect. But while the industry catches up, fashion lovers can take an eco-friendly approach to style on their own. Christopher J. Apparel offers the following tips to help make fashion more sustainable.  Quality Matters — One of the best ways to

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Coming Soon: New Merchandise and Sports Lines for Men and Women

As Christopher J. Apparel, the Phoenix-based clothing company dedicated to making everyday essentials for men and women that are stylish, comfortable and sustainable, attains success for its all-day wear, it is excited to continue to develop new pieces and new lines to add to its growing line of signature staples. “It was always our intent

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The Three Fs: Fabric, Feel and Fit

Fashion is all about making a statement and standing out from the crowd. But for everyday wear, clothing should be focused on three important “F factors” too — fabric, feel and fit. It’s one thing to wear a somewhat uncomfortable gown or a not-quite-perfect fitting suit to a special occasion for a few hours. But

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Fast Fashion: What is it and what can be done about it?

The term fast fashion refers to the quick and mass production of clothing made with cheap materials and with poor quality, which leads to a rather disposable end result. While clothing made this way is inexpensive when it comes to the price tag, the actual price is much higher because it negatively impacts the planet.

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